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Simple recipe for cook macaroni


Hi mom .... Who sometimes confused about what menu our child likes, right?

If your child likes macaroni, maybe you can try this menu, cooked macaroni with carbonara sauce, it tastes creamy with a combination of mushroom flavor and the perfect addition of black pepper to enhance the delicious taste.

The sauce can be bought at the supermarket and the price is very affordable.

The way to cook it is also very easy and quick and guaranteed that your child will like it. 

Here's how to cook  Simple recipe for cook macaroni👉


250gr  macaroni

1 can of carbonara sauce

How to cook :

Boil the macaroni until cooked, then drain the water briefly. Then, we put the carbonara sauce into the pan, add a little water so that it's not too thick. After boiling, add the macaroni and stir until evenly distributed. Wait until it boils again, then lift and serve.

Have a nice try mom... Hope it's useful 😁 !


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