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Tempe mendoan, Indonesian famous food recipe


Mendoan, is a typical food of the Javanese people, Mendoan is made from soybean tempeh fried with flour and a little spring onion, with special spices and spices that are sure to fit and add a super delicious taste, let's try to make it, here's my recipe 👉


- 9 pieces of Tempe mendoan
 -250 grams of flour 
-3 sprigs of green onion ( cut  small )


8 coriander seeds 
2 candlenuts 
1 sliced ​​turmeric 
1/2 teaspoon of salt
 (grind all the spices)

Step 1

 Prepare a large bowl to make flour dough, add flour, sliced ​​green onions  And the spices that have been mashed, add the water little by little and stir until the spices are evenly mixed.

Step 2

 After that heat the oil in a pan for frying, add the Tempeh one by one to the flour mixture and fry one by one.
 for the level of softness it can be up to you, if  you like a little crunchy you can fry it longer.

Serve Tempe mendoan with fresh chili . 

That's how we make mendoan , it's eazy and fast , if you don't really know how Tempe mendoan look like before we fry here we go the picture 👉

Enjoy your cooking mom... 

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