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Beef ball noodles/ Mi bakso


Beef ball noodles 

Mi Bakso or beef ball noodles is a typical Indonesian food that many people love.

Mi Bakso or beef ball noodles is widely sold at street-side bakso stalls, from upscale stalls to simple ones. There are many choices for enjoying Mi Bakso, as it is usually served in various ways with additional toppings.

Each region in Indonesia has its own way of serving Mi Bakso.

As far as I know, some places only add rice vermicelli and celery leaves, then top it with fried onions and Beef soup, which is typically delicious and savory with the taste of beef broth.

Apart from rice vermicelli, some places also serve it with a mixture of yellow egg noodles and added wonton crackers.

Some places add raw bean sprouts or cucumber slices. There are many variations, as sellers will try different toppings to create their own unique characteristics.

Although Mi Bakso has various variations in its presentation, it is incomplete without sweet soy sauce and tomato sauce, as they enhance the taste of the Bakso. For those who like spicy food, chili sauce can also be added. Some people also like to add vinegar for a sour taste to the Beef ball noodles.

Mi Bakso or beef ball noodles is also commonly eaten with ketupat (rice cakes) in Indonesia, as it adds a sense of fullness.

Bakso shapes vary greatly. In the past, Bakso was only small and round, but now it is sold in various shapes, such as rib Bakso, where the Bakso mixture is attached to beef ribs.

There is also a large round Beef ball filled with chicken eggs or sliced meat. Currently, the viral of the town is Bakso"beranak,"which is a Beef ball that contains several small Bakso inside.

There is also Bakso filled with ground chili, which is very spicy and not everyone can handle it due to its intense spiciness.

These are some explanations about Bakso from me .

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