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Bubur Sum-Sum


Bubur sum sum is kind of meal that made from rice flour , it's simple to make and just need a little ingredients.

Bubur Sum-Sum good for baby because the texture is really smooth.

But adult also will like to eat this bubur Sum-Sum

We usually eat it for our breakfast. 

We can eat the bubur Sum-Sum with just plain ora you also can add a red sugar syrup that we can make it our self.

Bubur Sum-Sum for me is special because I always eat it when I was a kid . Every morning my mom bought for me for my breakfast.

Honestly I never make bubur Sum-Sum before.

But I love to eat it.

But here's the recipe for you how to make bubur Sum-Sum

Recipe by Wilda's mom channel


100g rice flour 1/2 tsp salt

1 pandan leaf

1 pack of instant coconut milk ( 65ml )

600ml or about 3 glasses of water

Red Sugar syrup 👉

180 gr brown sugar

200ml water 1 pandan leaf

1/4 tsp salt 


👉 The porridge: Dissolve rice flour with water, coconut milk and salt. Cook over medium heat while continuing to stir.

👉 Add pandan leaves, continue to cook, stirring until smooth and thickened. Remove and set aside.

👉 Brown sugar sauce: Heat all the brown sugar sauce ingredients over medium heat until it boils and dissolves. Reduce the heat, cook until the brown sugar sauce is fragrant.

👉 Serve the bubur Sum-Sum with brown sugar sauce.

Enjoy your cooking 

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