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Corn rice


Nasi jagung/corn rice

Corn rice is rice made from corn that has been ground into small grains through several processes.

Corn rice is very famous in Indonesia, especially in the province of Java.

Besides its delicious taste, corn rice is also healthy when combined with suitable side dishes such as salted fish, fresh vegetables, and others.

Corn rice is widely consumed and sold in restaurants at an affordable price.

In the past, corn rice was probably one of the staple ingredients that had to be present because rice was still too expensive and scarce.

They used to process it manually, such as pounding and sifting it manually. As time went on, they started grinding it in a special corn milling machine.

Even now, it has become so modern that we can buy instant corn rice. We just need to soak it in hot water and steam it for a few minutes before enjoying our corn rice.

Corn rice has also started to expand to foreign countries because many Indonesians live abroad.

Here is an example of instant corn rice sold in Indonesian stores, both domestically and internationally.

Instant Corn rice 

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