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How to serve Steamed rice roll / Cheung fun


Cheung fun or jiong fen is one of delicious Chinese food , that simple and eazy to make.

Cheung fun / jiong fen in English means jiong = long  fen = flour 

Yes, it's made from plain flour , with white in colour, long and smooth in taste.

Maybe some of people never eat Cheung fun before because in their country can't find this food.

Usually Cheung fun serve in a country that mostly is Chinese people live.

For example in Singapore, Hong Kong,Taiwan and of course in china. 

Cheung fun can serve with many ways , some people just like to put some soya sauce it's simple and no need to put any other sauce . It's available in food store or just in market ( I show it in HKG ) 

Soya sauce 

But some of people they like to add other sauce,with sweet and Nutty taste, if you order in the shop that's sell Cheung fun they will ask you what sauce do you want, you can put some spicy flavor with chili sauce too. They will sell with fresh and hot Cheung fun, it's nice to eat when it's still hot. 

But also you can buy just the plain Cheung fun if you don't know how to make . It's cheap and you can buy just some you need to eat. 

Then if you want to eat you just add the sauce your self, you can try like my experience , I bought two kind of sauce, sesame sauce and sweet sauce ,after I steamed the Cheung fun ,then put in plate ,cut into medium size then I add the sauce on top of the Cheung fun, then put some sesame seed on it.. 

Plain Cheung fun also fine to fry with seafood , vegetables,egg  just same as we cook fried noodles or fried rice. 

I try before and taste good .

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