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Kepok banana


Kepok bananas are one of the most delicious bananas to be processed in various ways.

Usually, when the kepok bananas are already yellow or ripe, they can be processed by frying, steaming, or grilling. They can also be used to make other snacks.

Meanwhile, green or unripe bananas are better suited to be made into banana chips. The same goes for other types of green bananas.

Banana crispy 

One of our favorite ways, as Indonesians, is to fry the ripe kepok bananas with flour to achieve a crispy and sweet taste.

 Here is the recipe 👉


- 10 ripe kepok bananas

- 250 grams of wheat flour

- 50 grams of rice flour (for extra crispiness)

- 1/4 liter of cooking oil

- A pinch of salt for seasoning

- A pinch of sugar for those who like it sweet

- clean water 


-peel the banana,and sliced it into two ,put a side.

- Prepare a large bowl and add the wheat flour and rice flour together.

Gradually add water and stir.

Add salt and sugar according to taste.

- Heat the cooking oil. Once hot, dip each banana into the flour mixture and fry with medium flame until the colour is brown.

It's nice for tea time , so enjoy cooking...... 

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