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Sambal matah

Sambal matah

Hi mom... this time I will tell you how to make sambal matah , sambal matah coming from Bali, Indonesia . Sambal matah nice to eat to combine with another side dish.

For example fry egg , fry tofu, fry fish ,fry chicken,sate and many more.  

Sambal matah have a special taste and smell because it's made from special spices.

Especially the lemongrass when you pour the very hot oil will made a super fresh smells that can make your appetite grow good. 

So ,here the way how to make sambal matah that very simple and fast .


10 cloves of Red Onion

10 Red Chilies

7 Orange Chilies

3 stalks Lemongrass

4 Orange Leaves

60 ml Coconut Oil

1.5 tsp Salt

1.5 tsp Sugar

How to make:

Chop all the ingredients and heat the coconut oil. Pour the boiling coconut oil over the chopped ingredients. Add salt and sugar, then stir well. Adjust the taste then serve.

Just need a view minutes to make Right ?

For how many chili you can adjust your self,how many you need and how you dare to eat spicy. 

Enjoy your cooking 😋

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