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Steamed fish with dried orange peel


Steamed fish

Steamed fish with dried orange peel is one of the ways Chinese people prepare fish. There are many different types of fish that can be consumed in various ways. One of them is by steaming.

In some regions, this method may still be unfamiliar. But let's give it a try, you will surely like the tender texture of the fish when eaten. And it doesn't take a long time because it only requires a few minutes.

Dried orange peel is usually called "Kobe" in Cantonese. It is orange peel that has been dried for months or even years. This dried orange peel has a unique and very fragrant aroma. Chinese people often use this dried orange peel to make food and drinks. According to them, this dried orange peel is very good for the throat.

Alright, this time I will provide a recipe for steaming fish with dried orange peel.


-1 medium-sized fish

-1 sheet of Kobe (soaked for one hour)

-1 stalk of green onion (sliced lengthwise and soaked in water)

-A little bit of salt

-A little bit of ginger (thinly sliced)

-2 tablespoons of cooking oil


Clean the fish, sprinkle it with salt, place it on a plate, place the sliced Kobe and ginger on top of the fish. Then prepare a steaming pot, boil water, place a stand, and place the fish on it. Steam the fish for about 12 minutes. Open the lid and place the soaked green onions on top.

Heat the cooking oil until hot and pour it over the fish.

And it is ready to be served.

Enjoy your cooking!

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Steamed fish with dried orange peel
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