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Steamed Orange for relief kids cough


Steamed Orange is an orange that is steamed with a little salt.

Maybe you rarely hear of oranges being eaten by steamed because typically, oranges are delicious to eat directly.

Steamed oranges are commonly used to treat coughs in children. Because coughing is one of the diseases that sometimes takes a long time to heal, coughing can be very disturbing during activities, especially when sleeping, sometimes coughing can wake up the sufferer and make it difficult for them to sleep. Especially when this happens to children, we are very worried and feel sorry for seeing our children cough. Well, this is one way to cure coughs in children, who knows if it will be effective and can quickly recover from coughing, by using oranges that are steam with salt, try to give them this steamed orange juice.

Here's how to make it:

First, prepare fresh Sunkist oranges. Then, cut a little bit of the end of the orange, then sprinkle a little salt on the larger part of the orange, then cover it with the other slice of orange.

Place the orange in a bowl with a diameter the same size as the orange. Steam the orange for approximately 30 minutes.

Steamed orange 

After lifting the orange, you can spoon-feed it to your child who is suffering from cough while it is still hot. Just give them the orange juice. You can also use the orange pulp if your child likes it.

That's one way the Chinese people make traditional medicine for children with their kids get coughs.

Based on my experience, it needs to be given four to five times.

Good luck and hopefully, it will be beneficial.

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