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Sticky rice ball / Klepon

Hi mom... this is klepon , it's made from glutinous rice with melted red sugar filling .

Klepon comes from java , alot of people like this food .
It's simple to make with a simple ingredients.

Here's the recipe for make klepon 👉


250 grams of sticky rice flour

 50 grams of rice flour

250 ml boiled water

 (I use pandan leaf juice, and add a little pandan paste, mix well)

1/4 tsp salt

 1 tsp whiting water, I added it to make the klepon thicker


100 grams of finely combed brown sugar Sprinkle with grated coconut, pandan leaves and salt to taste. Steam. Set aside


Mix all the ingredients well, knead until it can be rolled, take a small amount of dough, flatten it, fill it with brown sugar, make it into a ball.

Put it in boiling water until it floats, lift it and drain it briefly then roll it in grated coconut.

Ready to serve with hot tea  , nyummy... 

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