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Yellow Rice / Nasi kuning


Yellow rice 

Nasi kuning is yellow rice, and the yellow color is said to have its own meaning, symbolizing gold, which represents prosperity.

Therefore, nasi kuning is often served during important occasions such as weddings, celebrations, and birthdays.

Nasi kuning can be found in various regions in Indonesia, especially in Central Java.

Nasi kuning is served with various side dishes such as fried eggs, tempeh stir-fry, fried chicken, cucumber, and many more.

Nasi kuning is made from rice cooked with grated turmeric and its juice. A little salt or coconut milk is added.

Nasi kuning is very easy to make as it can be cooked using a rice cooker. It is similar to cooking plain white rice, but turmeric juice is added and stirred until the color is evenly spread throughout the rice. 

Not too much turmeric juice is needed as its color is very strong.

Turmeric is also very beneficial for health, so there is no need to worry about any side effects.


During certain celebrations, nasi kuning is shaped into a cone called "tumpeng" and decorated with various attributes that have meaning for the particular celebration.

For example, during Independence Day celebration, a nasi kuning tumpeng will be decorated with the Indonesian flag and served with a complete set of side dishes. 

Nasi Tumpeng

During children's birthdays, nasi kuning can also be shaped into a tumpeng and served with appropriate side dishes for children.

That's a part of the story about nasi kuning from me. 

Thank you !

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