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Benefits of salted eggs for our body


Salted egg 

What are the benefits of salted eggs for our body?

Salted eggs are duck eggs that have been salted through various methods and processes. 

Salted eggs are made by soaking duck eggs in saltwater for one to four weeks.

Why are duck eggs used?

Duck eggs have shells with pores that allow saltwater to enter, and duck eggs also contain less water compared to chicken eggs, resulting in a drier texture after boiling.

Salted eggs are made from duck eggs, and duck eggs themselves contain many beneficial substances for the body, such as protein, calcium, iron, beta-carotene, fat, potassium, sodium, and vitamin A.

The benefits of salted eggs include repairing damaged body cells due to their protein content.

 However, caution should be exercised for individuals with a history of high blood pressure, as salted eggs have a high sodium content that can increase blood pressure.

Salted eggs are typically prepared by boiling and are already delicious when combined with various dishes. However, nowadays, salted eggs are also utilized and processed in various ways, such as being used to flavor biscuits, cakes, and sauces for different foods.

 Salted eggs found in various countries with different processing methods, thanks to advancements in time and technology. 

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